Uzbek public prosecution sue Mutabar Tadjibayeva

The prosecutor’s office of the city of Margilan sues Mutabar Tadjibayeva, the head of “Fiery Hearts Club” International Human Rights Organization, and demands depriving the Uzbek human rights activist of the residence permit.

A.Yu.Mavlonov, a prosecutor from Margilan, brought a lawsuit to Margilan interdistrict civil court against Mutabar Tadjibayeva claiming that the head of “Fiery Hearts Club” International Human Rights Organization is not eligible for Uzbek residence registration.

“Margilan interior department appealed to the city prosecutor’s office with a request to sue Mutabar IbragimovnaTadjibayevaborn on 25 August, 1962 as her residence permit wasregistered on 23 October 1979 in Margilan city her home address being house # 286, Zarafshan Street, Margilan but since 2009 she has not been residing there so she loses the right to use the given residential premise,” said the Margilan public prosecution statement.

The makhallya (community – “Jarayon’s”note) also confirmed in their statement # 798 to the public prosecutor’s office that indeed Tadjibayeva has not been living in the given house for the last five years.

The public prosecution refers to Article 52 (Preserving residential premises for temporarily absent citizens) and Article 54 (Recognition of forfeit of right to use residential premise) of the Housing Code and Article 41 (Statement) of the Law Prosecution and part 5 of Article 2 of the Civil Procedure Code (civil case in the court) of Uzbekistan.

According to Tadjibayeva, Margilan interdistrict civil court ordered to deprive her of the Uzbek residence permit, but a copy of the decision has not been provided yet to any of her relatives in Marghilan or herself.

We would remind that human rights activist Tadjibayeva was forced to leave Uzbekistan after her release from prison in 2009. Later on she was granted political asylum in France, where she lives now and continues her human rights activities until today. But despite this the court sent the notice to Tadjibayeva to her Uzbek address.

Pressure on the Uzbek human rights activisthas dramatically increased during the last year. Thus, the entire archive of the organization was destroyed in March and April 2013 after targeted attacks on the human rights activist’s computer. “Jarayon’s” website owned and run by “Fiery Hearts Club” International Human Rights Organization was also attacked by hackers.

Furthermore, a number of so-called ‘independent’ Internet websites covering events in Uzbekistan keep posting defamatory materials against Tadjibayeva, in which people under different aliases claim that the human rights activist is affiliated with the Uzbek security services, and she received financial compensation from Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of President Islam Karimov, to carry out her professional activities and support the image of Gulnara Karimova.

Ismat Khushev, the editor-in-chief of “Dunyo Uzbeklari” website said in his interview to Ozodlik Radio, the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, that in recent months he posts such materials signed by a Boris Saprykinwith great pleasure. Khushev said that Saprykin is a professional researcher, who writes material based solely on documents received from the National Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. Perhaps this is why Khushev believes that these materials are trustworthyalthough it is common knowledge that no independent researcher has any access to such material without permission of administrations of theselaw enforcement agencies.

In addition, Boris Saprykin has not displayed any documentary evidence to prove that Tadjibayeva is affiliated with the Uzbek security services or bank documents confirming that Gulnara Karimovatransferred funds to the account of the human rights activist. Therefore, it is obvious that all of the above mentioned allegations against Tadjibayeva are Saprykin and his masters’ slander and speculation, who stupidly follow orders of the Uzbek secret services to discredit Uzbek dissidents in the West.

It is worth mentioning that last year Mutabar Tadjibayeva defended Uzbek military men Erkin Musaev and Sanzhar Ismailov, whom the authorities accused of spying for another country after the Andizhan events. They were convicted on trumped-up charges to long terms of imprisonment.

Earlier their cases were not publicized; their family members unsuccessfully fought for their rights by themselves. Tadjibayeva’scompanions believe, that her principled position to defend Erkin Musaev and Sanzhar Ismailov could become another irritant to the authorities.

Tadjibayeva made comments for “Jarayon” on the situation with the deprivation of her Uzbek residence permit:

“I believe that the case at Margilan interdistrict court and the claim of the city prosecutor’s office are connected with my professional activities. It is pressures on me to make me shut up and stop my human rights practices,” said Tadjibayeva.

The statement of Margilan public prosecution’s claim, subpoena.

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