July 2016 ойлик архив

Mutabar Tadjibayeva: “Ibodov’s case is a shame of the dictatorship”

Model questionnaire to be completed by persons alleging torture or their representatives

Information on the torture of a person should be transmitted to the Special Rapporteur in written form and sent to:

Special Rapporteur on Torture

We call on the United Nations Committee against Torture to oblige the Government of Uzbekistan to hold re-exhumation of the body Ilkhom Ibodov, to bring to justice all those responsible for the falsification of the criminal case against the brothers, to bring to justice those who tortured and killed Ilhom Ibodov, review the criminal case against Rakhim Ibodov, release him from prison and back his property confiscated illegally.

Mutabar Tadjibayeva: Amnesty International’s hypocritical policy!



The head of “Ezgulik” Vasilа Inoyatovа appealed to international organizations, in particular, to the representatives of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International, as well as other international institutions with a request to fund the trip to the prisons and colonies of Uzbekistan. However, these organizations refused to help, some of them even didn’t reply to the request of Human Rights Society “Ezgulik”.

Don’t hesitate to help us to meet the political prisoners!



to all compatriots living in Uzbekistan and abroad

We are writing to you because we have an important and urgent message.

On 23-24 June in Tashkent was organised the meeting between the heads of states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Before this meeting the Uzbek Society for Human Rights «Ezgulik» refered to some foreign embassies, international organizations and the heads of states of the SCO with the request to encourage the Government of Uzbekistan to release from detention the civil society representatives, to allow to meet them and to have the access to the information about their health.