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ANDIJAN 13 – WIKILEAKS: Tadjibayeva trail opens with charges of U.S. and French support! (01.02.2006)

Uzbekistan : Joint NGO Letter to the UN Human Rights Council


Joint NGO letter on Uzbekistan to the Permanent Representatives of member and observer states of the UN Human Rights Council.

Your Excellency,

We urge your delegation to ensure that the Human Rights Council adopts a resolution that expresses concerns over serious and systematic human rights violations in Uzbekistan and creates a dedicated monitoring mechanism for the country. Uzbekistan’s government remains one of the most persistent violators of human rights in the world.

Uzbekistan: Decade of Impunity for Massacre

Uzbekistan: Andijan Massacre Case Not ‘Closed’

US, EU Should Press for Accountability, End to Rights Abuses

May 13, 2014

A man mourning at the funeral for his brother, who was killed during the Andijan events.

The long shadow of Andijan and the crackdown the government unleashed in its wake still hang over Uzbekistan’s people and their government’s relations with the world. Until President Karimov ensures accountability for the killings and stops harassing anyone who dares to speak openly about Andijan, it will be impossible for Uzbekistan’s international partners to take his repeated claims of reform seriously.

Steve Swerdlow, central Asia researcher

2005 Andijan Massacre: A Survivor Appeals for Justice

Press Releases

2005 Andijan Massacre: A Survivor Appeals for Justice

May 12, 2014 Open Society Justice Initiative

NEW YORK—The Uzbek government is being called to account before the United Nations Human Rights Committee (HRC) over its record of repression in the eastern city of Andijan, the scene of a massacre of unarmed protestors in 2005 that left hundreds dead.

Ruziyev v. Republic of Uzbekistan

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

UN Human Rights Committee

Survivor of the 2005 Andijan massacre demands accountability

Husanboy Ruziyev, a survivor of the May 2005 massacre in Andijan, Uzbekistan, is filing a petition before the UN Human Rights Committee accusing the Uzbek police and security services of subjecting him to torture and illegal detention in 2003 and 2004, violating his right to life through the indiscriminate use of force, and of failing to investigate and prosecute the persons responsible for the massacre and torture.

Foreign Accent: «Move, Karimov!»

ALJAZEERA: People and Power The Long Arm of the Dictator

Massacre in Uzbekistan (Trailer)

Nearly 1000 people were killed on the orders of the Uzbek dictator, Islam Karimov, one of the most brutal dictators in the world. But today, the West has long since forgiven and forgotten the Massacre in Andijan. Order the DVD / support the project

Massacre of Andijan on Uzbek TV (Part 3-3)