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Fearing growing religiosity of the population, the Uzbek security services have started controlling private gatherings of citizens

Many Muslims of Uzbekistan have been prosecuted after attending private gatherings of their friends.

I would like to begin our story with the recent case of Uzbek refugee Mirsobir Khamidkariev, who was kidnapped in Moscow in early June 2014. I would remind that this person asked for asylum in Russia as since 2011 the Uzbek Government had internationally searched for him.

Russia: Another refugee is under threat to be illegally extradited to Uzbekistan

Family members of Uzbek refugee Bakhodir Karimov told “Jarayon”, that the Russian court extended his detention for another month.

Tatiana, the spouse of Uzbek refugee Bakhodir Karimov, told Jarayon that on 7 November the Samara court extended her husband detention until 9 December. In the court, Tatiana was allowed to talk to her husband and take his picture. In the photo provided by Tatyana Karimova, it is easy to see that Bakhodir’s hair turned gray since his detention.

Mirsobir Khamidkariev asserted Russian secret services were involved into his abduction

He said that to his lawyer Illarion Vasiliyev in Tashkent courtroom.

Our website reported in late October that the Uzbek court agreed to allow Russian lawyer Illarion Vasiliyev to access Mirsobir Khamidkariev’s case. In early November, the journalists of our website received a letter from lawyer Vasiliyev in which he reported about his arrival in Tashkent to attend Mirsobir Khamidkariev’s case.

“I saw Mirsobir, the judge allowed us to communicated in the courtroom. The judge’s attitude to Mirsobir is positive. The process, according to his lawyer, proceeds softly. It is not a high-profile case here. The charge against him is based on article 216 (organizing illegal public associations and religious organizations) and articles 244-2 (creation, management and participation in religious extremist, separatist, fundamentalist or other banned organizations) of the Uzbek Criminal Code. The crime according to article 244-2 is a serious one, it should be removed. Nobody, including his relatives, is aware of things Mirsobir told me about in the courtroom,” said lawyer Illarion Vasiliyev.

The Uzbek court agreed to allow Russian lawyer to access the case of Mirsobir Khamidkariev

On 21 October, Illarion Vasiliyev, Russian lawyer of Uzbek refugee Mirsobir Khamidkariev, who was kidnapped this summer in Moscow, told “Jarayon”that the Uzbek court agreed to allow him to access Mirsobir Khamidkariev’s case.

“The judge has agreed to allow me to access Khamidkariev’s case. I’m going to fly to Tashkent in the near future to participate in the court sessions,” said lawyer Vasiliyev.