Appeal to Ms. Federica Mogerini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union with a request to support the company against corruption and terrorism

Dear Mrs. Minister!

With this statement, we announce the establishment of the International Human Rights Foundation “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” to combat organized crime against humanity (hereinafter referred to as IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”).

It was very important for us to announce the creation of the IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”, on November 25, as this day is connected with a significant event, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) (Resolution 54/134).

The founders of the IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” are women-activists of civil society, human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and representatives of other public organizations that were victims of political repression, torture and later became victims of organized criminal groups (OCG), which are guarded and sponsored by representatives of some International Human Rights Organizations and Funds with famous names and journalists of some International media.

Other founders of this Foundation are the International Human Rights Association “Fiery Hearts Club”, the “Initiative Group for a life without torture”, the “Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Migrants”, the Ukrainian branch of the International Human Rights Association “Fiery Hearts Club” operating in the territory of the CIS countries and some public organizations and a number of prominent activists living in the countries of the West who are members of the Coordination Council of Civil Society of Uzbekistan – “Alternative Uzbekistan”.

IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” will act by the Charter and Mission of the IHRA “Fiery Hearts Club”. The motto of the Foundation is the slogan of the IHRA “Fiery Hearts Club”, – “We will fight against any evil that meets in our society – WE ARE AWARE!”

The Foundation will continue to fight organized crimes against humanity such as:

REPRESSIVE REGIMES (political persecution, torture, unfair trials and arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, violations of press freedom rights);

AGAINST DRUGS (seized drugs are often resold by corrupt officials of law enforcement agencies);

AGAINST TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS (sexual slavery, dens for prostitution, pimps and their “ROOFING”);


against CORRUPTION and money laundering;

“SUPPORTING” (support, financing, and propaganda) of these crimes and evil violates the peace and peaceful existence of society. 

Recently British MP Nigel Farage urged the EU to investigate the activities of the Soros Foundation in connection with this organization with accusations of corruption.

The IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” supports the call of Mr. Nigel Farage and suggests that the EU initiate large-scale inspections not only of the Soros Foundation but also of a number of funds and media that support, finance and propagate the activity of Organized Criminal Groups created by immigrants from the countries of the former USSR, namely, the Uzbek Radio Service Freedom (Ozodlik) to the Uzbek Radio Service of the BBC, the Human Rights Watch organization and the Freedom House.

More than ten years ago, the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights declared bankruptcy. President of this Federation Ulrich Fisher filed a request to the Economic Court in Vienna to recognize this most significant human rights organization bankrupt.

On November 27, 2007, Fisher sent a message to the staff and partners of the federation. The document notes that he was forced to file a request for the bankruptcy of the organization in court in Vienna and begin the procedure for recognizing the organization as insolvent.

The International Helsinki Federation is registered in Austria and therefore obeys the Austrian laws. As follows from the message, this decision was made in the light of the severe financial crisis caused by economic crimes.

According to Fischer, the former financial manager of the IHF was sent to pre-trial detention after confessing to embezzling large sums of money for several years. Two other persons who are not members of the federation are under investigation, and a criminal case against them was initiated in early January 2008.

We are ready for cooperation

We are sure that if in an objective, lawful and transparent financial investigations are carried out, and all our arguments are examined, following the results of inspections, these funds and organizations will repeat the fate of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. We are ready for cooperation to eradicate corruption at the international level.

If corruption in funds and organizations of such a high international level is not exposed and stopped, then we will not be able to stop terrorism, radicalism and other evils disturbing the peace in the World Community. As we were established during our investigation that these funds and some International Organizations and the media not only supports, but also finances and propagates religious radicals, representing them as Democrats, and corrupt officials are presented as “human rights activists and fighters against corruption.”

We have also established that these International Structures provide financial support to these criminal groups in their companies for defamation, slander, blackmail, discrediting a number of prominent civil society activists who openly declared their crimes and started fighting against them.

Our Fund, intends to address and declare its position on this issue with an official addressing this statement to the authorities of the United States, France, Turkey, Canada, Britain, the European Union, the OSCE, the UN, the BBC and Radio Liberty Corporation Management, to the Organizations Fighting Crimes Against Humanity, Repressive Regimes, Drug Trafficking, Trafficking in Persons, Terrorism and Corruption.

Founders of the International Human Rights Foundation «Mutabar Tadjibayeva» for Combating Organized Crimes Against Humanity, as well as other women civil society activists, human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and representatives of other public organizations who were victims of political repression, torture and victims of an organized criminal group ), covered and supported by the above mentioned International Organizations, Foundations and Mass Media, are ready to discuss these problems with all those who may concern , including our opponents, we are not afraid to stand face to face with those whom we openly accused of these crimes.

Madame Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Federica Mogirini!

We are women civil society activists very much look forward to your understanding and support, as a woman, mother and a fighter for human rights and the rule of law!

All information about our foundation and its founders and the history of all the victims of these criminal groups can be found in the annex to this letter.

With respect and warmest regards:

Mutabar Tadjibayeva – Human Rights Activist, writer, independent journalist, Head and Chairman of the Board of the IHRA “Fiery Hearts Club” – founder, President of the International Human Rights Foundation “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” (France);

Marina Pikulina – Coordinator for Central Asia of the International organization “1000 women for peace”  under the Nobel Committee. “Peace women across the Globe”, editor of the site, Responsible for the external relations of the Foundation. (Israel)

Nazira Karshieva – is the founder and Head of the Ukrainian branch of the International Human Rights Organization “Fiery Hearts Club” operating in the territory of the CIS countries. Responsible for legal issues of the fund (Ukraine);

Makhliyo Akramova – founder International Human Rights Organisation  “Fiery Hearts Club” – executive director of fund (France).

Unfortunately and to our deepest regret , we can not disclose the personal and contact details of the main percentage of the founders of the Fund due to unsafe status of their lives that are still in danger and they are not located in safe countries. Despite this fact , they are ready to share any information with you personally and under security guarantees.

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