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IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”: We support the position of Nigel Farage against Corruption!

Dear Mr. Nigel Farage,

Warmest greetings from  the team of women and founders of the International Human Rights Foundation “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”, one of the main activities of which is the fight against corruption and terrorism.

Open Society Foundations are colluding with MEPs

George Soros has spent countless billions on 'Open Society Foundations' to undermine national borders and the nation state across the EU. It could be the biggest level of international political collusion in history.

Gepostet von Nigel Farage am Dienstag, 14. November 2017

We highly appreciated your speech in the European Parliament delivered by you in November 2017. In it, you rightly criticized the activities of the Soros Foundation and their trusted organizations and shared this opinion that these structures are mired in corruption.

We fully share your position and positively agree with all arguments that you mentioned during your appeal to colleagues.

Appeal to Ms. Federica Mogerini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union with a request to support the company against corruption and terrorism

Dear Mrs. Minister!

With this statement, we announce the establishment of the International Human Rights Foundation “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” to combat organized crime against humanity (hereinafter referred to as IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”).

It was very important for us to announce the creation of the IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva”, on November 25, as this day is connected with a significant event, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) (Resolution 54/134).

The founders of the IHRF “Mutabar Tadjibayeva” are women-activists of civil society, human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and representatives of other public organizations that were victims of political repression, torture and later became victims of organized criminal groups (OCG), which are guarded and sponsored by representatives of some International Human Rights Organizations and Funds with famous names and journalists of some International media.

Appeal to Federica Mogherini – High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Dear Mrs. Federica Mogherini,

We are, the activists of the civil society of Uzbekistan, gladly learning that concerning your visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 2017, and decided to appeal to you with an urgent request:

We kindly request to you as a high-ranking representative of the European Union, during the meeting with the President of Uzbekistan, raise the issue of releasing numerous human rights defenders, journalists, businessmen, religious figures, refugees, military personnel – people who convicted for political and religious reasons. These people were thrown into the dungeons of the political regime of the country, created by the previous President of Uzbekistan, the late Islam Karimov.

Press release on creation of Coordination Council of Uzekistan Civil Society «Altrenative Uzbekistan» and upcoming Presidentail elections

Coordination Council of Uzbekistani Civil Society “Alternative Uzbekistan”

March 29, 2015 Paris, France


On the eve of the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan on March 29, 2015, we are announcing creation of Coordination Council of Uzbekistani Civil Society “Alternative Uzbekistan”.

A group of renowned Uzbek civil society activists, human rights defenders, independent journalists, religious activists, victims of torture and political repression and citizens of foreign countries who not indifferent to human rights situation in Uzbekistan are among the initiators, founders of the new coalition.

Uzbekistan: Andijan Massacre Case Not ‘Closed’

US, EU Should Press for Accountability, End to Rights Abuses

May 13, 2014

A man mourning at the funeral for his brother, who was killed during the Andijan events.

The long shadow of Andijan and the crackdown the government unleashed in its wake still hang over Uzbekistan’s people and their government’s relations with the world. Until President Karimov ensures accountability for the killings and stops harassing anyone who dares to speak openly about Andijan, it will be impossible for Uzbekistan’s international partners to take his repeated claims of reform seriously.

Steve Swerdlow, central Asia researcher

2005 Andijan Massacre: A Survivor Appeals for Justice

Press Releases

2005 Andijan Massacre: A Survivor Appeals for Justice

May 12, 2014 Open Society Justice Initiative

NEW YORK—The Uzbek government is being called to account before the United Nations Human Rights Committee (HRC) over its record of repression in the eastern city of Andijan, the scene of a massacre of unarmed protestors in 2005 that left hundreds dead.

Ruziyev v. Republic of Uzbekistan

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

UN Human Rights Committee

Survivor of the 2005 Andijan massacre demands accountability

Husanboy Ruziyev, a survivor of the May 2005 massacre in Andijan, Uzbekistan, is filing a petition before the UN Human Rights Committee accusing the Uzbek police and security services of subjecting him to torture and illegal detention in 2003 and 2004, violating his right to life through the indiscriminate use of force, and of failing to investigate and prosecute the persons responsible for the massacre and torture.

Foreign Accent: «Move, Karimov!»

ALJAZEERA: People and Power The Long Arm of the Dictator

Massacre in Uzbekistan (Trailer)

Nearly 1000 people were killed on the orders of the Uzbek dictator, Islam Karimov, one of the most brutal dictators in the world. But today, the West has long since forgiven and forgotten the Massacre in Andijan. Order the DVD / support the project